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How to install GOMO on Globe Pocket Wifi in 2023

Updated: Sep 14

One of the best ways to reach Airbnb Superhost status and attract potential guests is to provide excellent wifi in your apartment for rent near Dumaguete City. With uninterrupted and high-quality internet service available, you can give more value to your guests’ time while they are renting your apartment. Having internet available is extremely useful, especially in the pandemic. Some guests may need to keep up with the news or do some work remotely aside from the usual thing they do on the internet.

The current internet service we have in the apartment is through Fiber wifi. The service provided can give high internet speeds amounting to more than 50 Mbps for download and 40 Mbps for upload. It is enough for enabling multiple devices to stream movies through Netflix at hi-definition at those internet speeds. However, the service provider can’t guarantee constant reliability, and power outages are always possible. As a local host in Dumaguete City, we don’t want to turn off or turn-away customers by having unreliable internet connections.

As a business owner and super host, I need to balance the needs of my customers and costs. Having two sets of internet providers for our Dumaguete house rental may not be a viable option. Both are susceptible to power outages anyway while carrying a high monthly charge.

Another option is to have prepaid pocket wifi from other networks. Prepaid wifi packages carry another disadvantage: limited data caps and, by experience, run fast for a while, then bogging down after a few hours of use.

Fortunately, there is a viable option. For only 299 pesos, I can get 30 GB of data with no expiry dates. Click here to buy GOMO Sim Card.

Usually, network providers will offer a similar data package rate that has an expiry date that comes with it.

Not with this one. This package has the best bang for the buck indeed!

What we are talking about here is the all-new GOMO Sim card. GOMO is a brand owned by the Singapore-based telco Singtel. GOMO was launched in the Philippines in October 2020. GOMO, unlike the current network providers, doesn’t have its own cell sites or towers. Instead, it relies on Globe facilities to extend its services to subscribers.

At least, in the case of Dumaguete City, GOMO has good internet coverage. GOMO is gaining popularity among Filipino subscribers. It is a game-changer that lets you experience easily fast internet coverage with large data allocations that never expire! GOMO provides affordable service, gets the job done, and the internet is fast and reliable.

GOMO provides many advantages over existing internet plans available in another network, including Globe’s.

First, you won’t have to track the expiration date of your promo. You just use up the 30GB that comes with the SIM card, then load data later. You may use it for a year or even beyond! Second, it is easy to order a GOMO 5G-ready SIM from Lazada, Shopee, or the GOMO website for just 299 pesos with free shipping.

The GOMO Sim card is compatible with both Apple and Android phones.

Most of us are familiar with placing GOMO Sim Cards directly into our phones. However, some of you might ask if installing the GOMO Sim Card into spare pocket wifi from Globe. The answer is YES! It is Possible! However, the process is not as straightforward as it seems and may require some troubleshooting. I am sharing the steps to install a GOMO Sim card into a Globe pocket wifi and activate your internet services.

Because of its “No Expiry” feature, having a GOMO Sim Card installed in your pocket wifi or your Globe at Home prepaid wifi is a perfect backup in case of internet downtimes. If your area is fortunate to have no lengthy internet downtimes, then you don’t have to worry about losing the data loaded in your GOMO account.

However, using it as your primary internet connection might be too costly if you are a heavy internet user. Heavy users, especially gamers, use up almost 20GB a day. Having unlimited fibre-based internet at a fixed rate is cheaper.

The GOMO Sim package does not include detailed instructions on how to activate the SIM. Our article discusses how easy it is. Now, let us start with the enumeration of the basic steps to avail of GOMO services through pocket wifi.

We recommend using pocket wifi locked to Globe for starters. There are other alternatives, though. You may install the GOMO Sim Card into a Globe at Home Prepaid wifi as well!

But for this article, we will concentrate on How to use Gomo Sim in Globe Prepaid Wifi:

  1. Download the GOMO App

  2. Activate the GOMO Sim Card using your mobile phone

  3. Install the GOMO into your Globe Pocket wifi

  4. Install Huawei HiLink App (if necessary)

  5. You are Ready to Go!

Now here are the steps in detail:

Download the GOMO app before you start.

You need to download the GOMO App. The app is available for download from Google Play if you are on an Android device, or the App Store if you are on IOS. You will need this app to activate the GOMO Sim. You can buy data through the GOMO app. Better yet, you can convert unused data for use in SMS or calls. The app has a dashboard that can easily show you your data usage and to join promos.

Activating the GOMO Sim Card using your mobile phone

You need to replace the SIM card in your phone with your newly-purchased GOMO Sim Card. Note that your GOMO SIM card’s PUK code and the number are on the SIM card base.

Turn on your mobile data once you turn on your phone. Please select “Globe Prepaid” when prompted.

Kickstart the fun by completing your account creation on the GOMO PH app. Your data will be ready for use once completed! Wait for the welcome message that reads like this: “Welcome to GOMO! Go to to download the GOMO app.” Note that the message might be read differently over time, but, on that note, once you get a similar message from GOMO, then you are well on your way.

At this point, you may now open your GOMO App and enter your 10-digit GOMO number. Tap “Let’s Go!”

You may also latch on an existing internet coverage by wifi if you can’t open the GOMO app. The objective here is to enter your GOMO number and the one-time password (OTP) code that will be sent to you through that number.

Just tap “Resend OTP” if you feel it takes too long to receive the OTP. Expect to receive the OTP within 5 minutes. Enter the 6-digit verification code into the app.

Fill up the personal information in the app. Check the box at the bottom that states “I agree to the collection…” then tap “Create Account.”

Create a 6-digit pin that will serve as the password for your GOMO account. The app will present a biometric identification option (though you may ignore this feature if you like).

Install the GOMO Sim Card to your mobile wifi device.

Installation is just a simple matter of removing the GOMO SIM card from your mobile phone and installing it into your Globe-locked pocket wifi. In most cases, the indicator light will turn green.

However, there will be cases when this isn’t straightforward, and the indicator will remain red.

Installing Huawei’s HiLink App

Huawei makes most pocket wifi supplied in the Philippine market. Chances are, Huawei makes your pocket wifi. Having Huawei’s HiLink App in your mobile phone is very helpful regardless if you are having trouble activating the mobile wifi or not.

You can download this app through Google Play Store if you are using Android or App Store if you are on IOS. You can use this app to search for and manage all Huawei HiLink terminal devices through your phones, such as Huawei Mobile wifi, Huawei routers, Honor Cube, and Huawei home gateways.

Once you install the app, you can discover the Globe pocket wifi on the app and update its plugins.

You are Ready to Go!

Now you can avail of GOMO’s features, including its no-expiry data feature. You can directly connect to the internet through the pocket wifi once you update the pocket wifi plugins. A greed indicator light will appear on the pocket wifi to indicate that the GOMO SIM card is now compatible with the pocket wifi.

GOMO is indeed a game-changer for heavy internet users because it can give us peace of mind knowing that we have a backup internet system available. However, it can be costly to use as a primary internet connection if you are a heavy user.

But for most of us who are into casual surfing or doing work-related internet surfing, then having GOMO as your backup internet provider is indeed very handy.

If you like our troubleshooting steps, you can check out my other articles, such as the Alexa app crashing and how to troubleshoot it or Gopro hero 7 not turning on. You can like and share this article and help other people discover more about how to maximize GOMO using your pocket wifi.

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