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How to install GOMO on Globe pocket wifi

Updated: May 28

As a local host in Dumaguete City, one of the best tips to become an Airbnb superhost and gain lots of potential guests especially this time of the pandemic is to provide excellent Wifi on your apartment for rent near Dumaguete.

So I decided that my listing will not only provides Fiber Wifi but also extra wifi that can be handy but also can be used for emergencies, In most cases if there are power outages - it's the best way to make your guest stay.

But as a super host that is on a tight budget, having extra wifi on your Dumaguete House rental can be pricey. So for months, I found a way to offer my guests secondary wifi that is fast and reliable internet but also has large data allocation. The best thing is I just got this offer for only 299 pesos and the data allocation will never expire - Affordable and reliable indeed, it gives you the best buck that money can buy.

What I'm talking about is the all-new Gomo Sim card. I’ve been using the GOMO sim card now for months and It's all perfect for me. It's the game-changer that lets you experience all the fun you want with large data allocations that neveeeeeeer expire! Affordable, it gets the job done, fast and reliable internet.

If you're using GOMO sim card you might wonder if you can hook it up to your spare Globe pocket wifi. The answer is YESSSS! it is possible... to hook it up to another provider's equipment like pocket wifi from Globe. With a little troubleshooting on the way thou.

This article will show you how to install GOMO sim card on Globe pocket wifi in simple easy steps.

1. Activate the GOMO Sim Card

Activate the sim card using the GOMO app on your phone. Its very simple and easy. You can install the Gomo app on your Android or Gomo app on your Apple device.

2. Install the GOMO on Globe Pocket Wifi

After activating the sim card using the GOMO app on your phone. Hook it up to your pocket wifi. At first, pocket wifi won't accept the GOMO sim card. A red indicator light will appear. Indicating that the GOMO sim card is not compatible with your Globe pocket wifi.

No worries this is normal at first since we need to install the Huawei Hifi app from your phone.

3. Install Huawei Hifi App

Try to install the “Huawei Hifi” app on your phone before connecting the pocket wifi using its SSID and wifi password. Once Huawei Hifi is installed, try to discover the Globe pocket wifi on the app and update its plugins.

4. Now you're Ready

Once your Globe pocket wifi’s plugins are updated. A green indicator light will appear on the pocket wifi indicating that the GOMO sim card is now compatible with the pocket wifi. Now you will never be expired.

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