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GoPro Hero 7 White Not Turning On

Updated: Oct 6

Last 2019, I receive a gift from my sister - my partner on one of the cheapest vacation house rental in Dumaguete City, a GoPro hero 7 white.

And it just brings problems to me since then. After just a month of using the GoPro Hero 7 white won't turn on all of a sudden.

Since then I did everything on how to figure it out to work - I tried to bring it to a technician and they figured it out that it was broken and it need to replace the battery.

They ask me for an inexpensive service on it but they warned that once they open the gopro hero 7 white it might no longer be used underwater since they will change the adhesive glue that prevent water from licking on its compartment.

After knowing this I decided not to fix it with them since using GoPro without underwater capabilities is a little issue and no sense for me.

why I used GoPro in the first place if it cant be used underwater, right?

Fast forward to two years, I decided to take a look at it and figure out how to troubleshoot the GoPro hero 7 white not turning on. And since then it was just simple troubleshooting to make it work again…

In this article, I will explain to you how to troubleshoot a GoPro hero 7 white not turning on in just simple easy steps.

1. Plug the GoPro Hero 7 White into your Computer

If your hero 7 white won't turn on for some unknown reason. All you need to do is plug it into your computer using the type C cable. Leave for a couple of minutes until the red indicator light will turn on. Once the red indicator light turns on leave it for 25 - 30 minutes..

2. Update the system of your GoPro Hero 7

After charging the hero 7 white. Update its system. If you're using Mac you should download Gopro Player and update its plugins.

Note: If your computer doesn’t pass the required macOS version 10.15 or later

Download the “GoPro Quick” app on your phone, you can download it on Google Apps or Apple Store for FREE. Connect the newly turned on Hero 7 white using Hifi or Bluetooth on your device and update the necessary plugins.

Note: The app will try to ask to put back the SD card. So proceed with step 3

3. Put back your SD card.

In this step, most users will experience SD cards not detectable when using the GoPro Quick app. When updating the plugins GoPro Quick app will recommend formatting your SD card. So I recommend you need to format your SD card using your GoPro hero 7 white.

So all you have to do is Turn On your GoPro hero 7 white, select "Preference" > scroll down and hit on “Reset” > Format SD Card > and leave it for a couple of minutes.

Afterward, try to plug out the SD card and put it back in again. Turn off, on, off, and on again your GoPro hero 7 white.

Check if the SD card has been detected in both the GoPro device and on the GoPro Quick app on your phone.

Note: This might be tedious to some users having trouble with their GoPro hero 7 white not turning on.

Once, it's detected on both GoPro devices and the GoPro Quick app on your phone. Just continue to update the plugins and your GoPro Hero 7 White is restored.

If you like my troubleshooting steps. Try to check my other articles like Alexa app keeps crashing or how to install Gomo Sim Card in Globe Pocket Wifi. For more articles like this like and share this article for other more information.

Please Take A Note

To prevent the hero 7 white to won't turn on again. I recommend that you need to unplug the SD card once used since this device doesn't have an extra battery on it, unlike its twin brother hero 7 black. You must unplug the SD card. To prevent corrosion and update glitches. I also recommend using the Type C cable together with your hero 7 white and any charging battery outlet.

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