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Blink Camera not working? Here are a few blink camera troubleshooting tips!

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Blink cameras are making waves right now. Especially if you have an Alexa-based smart home. Not only is a blink camera affordable, but it also runs on just two AA batteries for around two years! The more expensive blink cameras are worth $100. You can get night vision capabilities, 24-7 surveillance capabilities, and a straightforward setup that works anywhere (especially if you bought the Blink outdoor cameras) for that much money.

You can access your security system through your mobile devices. Just download the blink home monitor app and set it up.

However, there will be instances when your Blink camera malfunctions like any device. This article will discuss the five most common Blink Camera issues encountered right now and how to do Blink camera troubleshooting.

Blink Camera Not Working?

For the most part, the Blink Camera is easy to set up. It will run for weeks without issues. However, if you are getting error messages that say "Live View Failed," "Thumbnail Failed," or "Camera Busy," then you will need to troubleshoot your Blink Sync Module. The Sync module connects your camera to your Wi-fi and other devices.

These error messages may indicate that the Blink camera batteries are dead. These can even indicate that your internet connection at home is down. The troubles are easy to fix for a vast majority of Blink camera issues. Here is a guide on how to improve the five most common Blink Camera errors:

5 Steps To Fix Your Blink Smart Home Security Camera

Here are the steps we recommend when you troubleshoot your Blink Camera:

These five steps solve a vast majority of Blink Camera problems. BTW, you check out my other article about Alexa being unresponsive too.

The issue could be simple. Your Blink app might show the Blink camera Live View issues. In that case, you should look at a few things first before going to more details down the road.

The first thing you should look at is your wireless connection. The camera and sync module shouldn't be too far apart. Another reason your internet connection is because of an outage or your router may need restarting. Before you start, you may need to bring the camera closer to the sync module.

Another issue is power. The Blink Camera models are battery operated or, in the case of the Blink Mini Camera model, take their power through a power cord. You may need to replace your batteries more frequently if you use rechargeable batteries or the cheaper varieties. The best option is AA lithium batteries, which Blink recommends, lasting longer. The Blink app has a battery indicator to warn you before you encounter power failure.

Ensuring sufficient energy and connection are just the essentials. Five of the most common blink camera errors are below:

Reset the Wi-fi Router

Most Blink Camera issues are due to the internet connection. If you already have the sync module located close to the router, then it may just be that your wi-fi router will need restarting. The most common action is to shut the router down for five minutes. Wait for your Blink Cameras to reconnect. You might see the improvement immediately.

Try Another Power Source

All camera models come with a micro USB power adapter as a power source. This option might not be feasible if you place your Blink Cameras outdoors or in more discreet places that are too far from the power source. Moreover, since you are not using batteries, there is no way you will know if you run out of battery charge.

LED Indicator Light

Does your LED indicator show a red light? The red light is an indication that you have connection issues. Check your Blink camera app and check if the bars of signal strength show three bars. If the adjustable led indicator light shows two or fewer, you will run into connection issues more frequently.

Is your LED indicator showing a solid blue light? The blue recording light indicates that the camera is currently recording motion events. This is a common occurrence for most blink camera models with the system.

Power cycling the Blink Sync Module

Simply put, power cycle means turning the Blick sync module off, then turning it on again to allow it to be paired with your router again.

All you need to do is to unplug the sync module from the outlet and wait for at least ten seconds to plug it back in. Don't forget to remove and place the batteries back in.

Once you turn the device back on, you may pair the device with your router once the blinking green light activates.

Reset the BlinkSync Module and the Blink Cameras

Are you still having frequent connection issues despite doing the previous actions? This means it is time to restart your camera and sync module Home security.

This action means you will bring the device set back to its factory settings. It may take a few minutes to do, which solves most of the sync module connection issues.

First, unplug the device.

Open the back cover of your sync module.

Then, use a thin object to press the reset button for at least ten seconds.

The LED lights should be blinking red to indicate that the sync module is completely reset.

The last item is to connect the sync module to your Blink app and your wi fi network.

Final Thoughts:

The Blink camera system is the best bang-for-the-buck home security device in the market today. The setup is not complicated and is usually very straightforward. For most blink cameras, their use is mostly trouble-free. However, connection issues are associated with most of the problems Blink Cameras encounter.

If none of these remedies solves your Blink camera issues, you may contact Blink for addressing more specific problems.

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