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9 Airbnb Tips Owners Can Save Time, Effort, and Cost, When Cleaning Your Linens Effectively

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Running a vacation house rental is an enjoyable occupation. Not only are you working at home, but you also get to engage different kinds of people. If you are into getting to know cultures, expanding your network, or just plain sharing stories with people from other places, then you know what I mean. It is, after all, a business. You cater to a need. And the need is to make sure your tenants enjoy their stay in your vacation homes and make it as pleasant as possible. The business of hospitality does not end in providing excellent customer service. Keeping your linens spotless is vital in running an Airbnb Dumaguete business. It is the most challenging day-to-day task for your Airbnb Dumaguete staff. To make it easy for you, here are my Airbnb tips and ways to save time, effort, and cost when maintaining the cleanliness of your linens.

One, use dark towels.

Using dark towels seems counter-intuitive. But even if you clean towels in multiple cycles after soaking these all night, stains will stay. The reason why they do? Make-up. You can save a lot of money on stain removers just by switching to charcoal-colored towels. But of course, linens are still should be white.

Two, use only one cleaning solvent.

Ensure to purchase these from a wholesaler or a specialized vendor who can educate you on the proper strength of the solution appropriate for the type of linen you need to clean. Not only are you saving on cleaning solvent expenses, as doing it this way tends to be cheaper per liter than buying your linen cleaning solvents from the grocery.

Three, get organized!

Separate your linens into properly marked boxes. Nothing is as annoying as using the wrong cleaning solvent for the wrong linens or just about laying out the linens only to find out they are the wrong size. Note that linens look the same when folded, so don't mistake mixing them up and sorting them out again when you are just about to set your linens on the bed.

Fourth, also get organized!

Use a cleaning caddy. Not only will you save time but also in cost. Imagine not having to rummage in your pantry just to look for the proper cleaning tools once you see them (read on, lint roller).

Fifth, Don't underestimate the power of the lint roller.

By keeping it with you, nothing beats the ability to remove any fluff on sight. Upholstery, curtains, throw pillow covers have different cleaning cycles and procedures. If you keep your lint roller with you all the time, not only can you keep the immediate surroundings clean, you can save up on cleaning costs as well.

Sixth, you don't need to iron your linens.

Not using an iron seems counter-intuitive. But surveys and interviews yield that wrinkles on the duvet cover are not a major pain point. That is if the guests care at all. But if you are a stickler to creases, you may try spraying scented water while pulling the duvet cover nice and tight.

Seventh, be prudent and conscious of keeping your floors clean.

Dirty floors or dust in visible areas is a significant pain point for tenants and can drive your sales down through bad reviews. Invest in a powerhead for your vacuum cleaner. Yes, this is not about linens exactly, but it would help to mention floor upkeep when giving Airbnb tips for any cleaning.

Eighth, formulate a routine.

One way this is done is to start with the bathrooms first. Work your way down (curtains->beds (remove dirty linen then replace them->clear rubbish from the bin->floors). Stick to this routine every day so you will not forget any item. And don’t forget to clean where you keep your cleaning tools in at least once a week.

Maintaining cleanliness for your linens is key to preserving good reviews. It is a tedious and repetitive job that needs to be pulled off perfectly each time. The key is being organized, standardized, scheduled, and not overlooking the fact that the floors should be clean as well. Using these nine Airbnb tips, you can save time, cost, and effort in keeping your bed and breakfast spotless.

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