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Cheapest Vacation House for rent in Dumaguete w/ Smart Home Feature

Newly built 2 story row house near Dumaguete airport featuring a spacious 1st level living area and full kitchen island. This vacation row house has a spacious stunning modern and good lighting kitchen. Equipped with all appliances, utensils, and smart-enabled devices. It has an open-air front and back porch with seatings. This vacation house has all the amenities provided from personal to cooking.


The living room in this Dumaguete hotel near airport rental is equipped with Fiber WIFI access and full premium Netflix so you can't miss your favorite series and film. It also features Alexa-enabled devices like lighting, Smart TV, etc. For a more easy and comfortable experience. The vacation house for rent has an AI-based virtual assistant that helps you to listen to music on-demand, make to-do lists, set up reminders, get weather, time, and traffic updates along with managing smart home devices.

Under the stairs is a twin-size trundle bed that can also use as a sofa couch for entertainment purposes.

Vacation House for Rent Features

  • Netflix

  • Alexa enabled Smart Home

  • WIFI

  • 50-inches Full HD TV

  • House Phone/Landline

  • Trundle Bed/Sofa for Entertainment and Sleeping

  • Electric Fan

  • Multi Adjustable Light for any Mood 

Switching your Vacation House to the Future of Smart Home

Switching your vacation house for rent to a futuristic smart home living can be a little bit tasky especially if here in the Philippines where such innovative technology is not yet fully available. However, western homes are already embarrassing this wild yet functional innovation where they switching their homes to smart homes. But what is really a smart home.


When you hear people talk about "smart homes," they are merely referring to the way that you can control and monitor your home's systems remotely. You can check the temperature, turn down the cooling, make sure the doors are locked, and much more. If you want a smart home, you don't have to go out and buy a new home. You can make changes to your current home, adding and installing features that you can control with a computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone. Smart home products are popular for several reasons:


  • They are convenient.

  • They save you money.

  • They keep your home more comfortable.

  • They make your home safer.

  • They are easy and fun to manage.



Make sure you get high-quality smart home systems by talking to neighbors about products they have used and asking the experts about the highest-quality products they offer. In my case I have Alexa,  check out my article about the Alexa app keeps crashing. You can also tell quality products by whether they come with a warranty. If you prefer to start slow, choose one or two smart changes to your house. You can experience the convenience and the monthly savings before making further upgrades to your home. Every upgrade will make a difference and save energy and money. The more smart products you invest in, the more you'll enjoy the benefits!



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