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Aldea Homes Exclusive Pool and Club House

A full-size public pool, a Club House, and a basketball court for the guest to enjoy. These subdivision amenities have implemented minimal usages fees for its maintenance.


Usage of Swimming Pool:

For *HOMEOWNERS      -------- P20.00/head

For NON-HOMEOWNERS (Accompanied by a Home Owner) -------  P50.00/head

Usage of Clubhouse & Swimming Pool (for Events):

  • Package - 01

(10 -30 persons; min. of 4 Hrs)     ------     P2,400. 00 and P600 for succeeding hours.

  • Package - 02

(30 persons - Above; min. of 4 Hrs).  -------    P3,600. 00 and P900 for succeeding hours.

Schedule of Usage

  • CLUBHOUSE    -----     8: 00 AM - 10:00 PM

  • POOL                -----     8: 00 AM - 10:00 PM

  • Accepts payment at 77LSI Main Office Portal West, Dumaguete CIty

Aldea Homes Swimming Pool Rules and Regulation:

  • The swimming pool is for the use of homeowners and their guests only.

  • The rate for swimming pool use is 100 for homeowners and 150 for guests.

  • Payment arrangements and scheduling must be done 2 days before the scheduled date at the main office at Portal West, Silliman University.

  • The renter must perform necessary precautions and must sign a waiver stating that Aldea Homes management shall take no responsibility in case there will untoward incident that may happen like drowning.

  • No animals (pets) allowed in the swimming pool.

  • No commercial activities allowed at the swimming pool.

  • Homeowner(s) whole has been identified by Aldea Homes Management as being arrears for payment of homeowner's dues, water bills, and/or facility rentals will be prohibited from renting the swimming pool until all fees are paid in full.

  • The management can alter these rules at any time, and can, upon consideration of a reservation request, decide that the request be denied if such request is deemed not in the best interest of the homeowners and the management.

  • During weekdays, the swimming pool can be used from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and 8:00 am to 10:00 pm during weekends.

  • Exceptions will be considered by the management on a case to case basis.

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